Manfrotto LED Light MicroPro2 with Dimming Control and Gel Filter Set

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LED Light MicroPro2 with Dimming Control and Gel Filter Set

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Get picture perfect lighting, even in compact spaces. The smart LED Light MicroPro2 with Dimming Control and Gel Filter Set gives you everything you need to create professional standard, brightly lit sets, with total ease. This clever LED light set uses the latest technology, known as surface mount technology, to tick all the essential boxes when it comes to brightness, and energy efficiency. In fact, these lights can provide 5600k of light, making them ideal for any set. The genius of these LED lights, is that they can easily fit into any kitbag. Compact and adaptable, they work either on or off camera, so you can be sure you’ve got the right lights in your kit, regardless of what the shoot demands. They also render colour to perfection thanks to innovative touches to improve colour rendering index. To start, the colour temperature is set to daylight at 5600k, but it can be tweaked with ease, just by using the gel filter set included. To add to this list of standout features, you can adjust the colour without troublesome flickering, right up to 940lux. The standard 1/4'' female attachment is what makes it totally versatile whether you need to slot it onto your camera, or use off camera. Simply use the ball head included to connect it to your gear, or attach to a lighting stand with the female adapter. Plus, it can be mains or battery powered. You just need six AA batteries, or an AC adapter for the mains, or you can even use an L-Type Li-ion battery using a battery adapter if you need to.

Dodatočné parametre

Kategória: Video osvetlenie
Hmotnosť: 0.01 kg
Délka (cm): 17
Výška (cm): 10.8
Hloubka (cm): 4.4
Napájeno z (baterie): Li-ion L-Type|6 x AA
Napájení: AC Adaptor|AA batteries|D-Tap Cable (optional)|Li-ion L-Type
Certification: CE ; FCC ; KCC ; RCM
Typ filtru: 1/4 CTO|CTO|Diffuser
Mounting Method: Tripod|Hot-shoe|Ball-head
Dimmable: 1-100% without flickering
Lux@1m: 940
Colour Temperature: 5600
Number of LEDs: 24
Beam Angle: 50
CRI (Colour Rendition Index): >93

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